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I am an iranian artist living in Milan, Italy. I was born in Esfahan, Iran. I studied Graphic in Tehran( Art& Architectural Azad University). I moved to Italy to continue my studies in Art in Florence and after graduating in decoration I moved to Milan and I studied master of visual art in Milan’s fine arts academy( Academia delle belle arti di Brera).


My inspiration comes from my dreams and nightmares, my fears and doubts, my hopes and worries, myths, persian miniatures, nature, objects. After years of livinig in Italy certainly my art works are a combination of the Iranian and European culture. I create my paintings and illustrations in a variety of media, including watercolor and ink. I also create installations and books art by using different material.


1981- born in Esfahan,Iran.

Lives and works in Milan, Italy.


2000-Esfahan school of art-Graphic

2004-Tehran Art & architectural Azad University

2008- Florence’s fine art academy(Accademia di Disegno di Firenze)

2012- Master of Visual arts, Milan’s fine art academy(Accademia delle belle arti di Brera)


The Museum Funf Kontinente, Munich

Postage stamps collection at ECO, Iran

Solo exhibitions

2022 In the Gardens of Persia, Spazioprojects, Milan

2017       Recurring dreams, Spazio CB32, Milan

2016 Persian Garden, Haleh gallery, Starnbeg, Munich

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2023 virtual exhibition, Mozaik Philantropy

2020 Flashback, Apadana gallery Contemporary art Museum of Esfahan, Esfahan

2020 From Tehran with love, Magic of Persia, LA

2018     A TALE OF TWO CITIES, Magic of Persia, Bonhams, LA

2018     A TALE OF TWO CITIES, Magic of persia, Kamil gallery, Monte carlo.

2017     Magic of Persia, Kamil gallery, Monte Carlo

2016    Char-baq, Contemporary art Museum of Esfahan, Esfahan

2016    Rite of passage, city Hall, San Francisco

2016    Bi Lady, Apadana gallery, Esfahan

2016    Illusive imagination, We gallery, Berlin

2016    Figurative Design, Apadana gallery, Esfahan

2015     Who art you, La fabbrica del vapore, Milan

2012    Isola isole insulae, Assab one exposition space, Milan

2011    Circoloquadro gallery, Milan

2007    Illustration, Circolo dell’ arte e cultura del comune di Pontedera, Florence

2004     Daryabeigi gallery, Tehran

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